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Next Scheduled Meeting
Wed 18th Jan 2023 - 7pm in Chawton Village Hall.

Agenda and Zoom Link to follow.

Parking Concerns in the village

Following concerns from many local residents about parking in the village the Parish Council would like to encourage residents to utilize their own drives and garages before resorting to parking on the public roads and if they do have to park on the public roads that they ensure that they park with care and attention to minimize the impact on theirNeighbours.

With Thanks Your Parish Council

Farringdon Parish Road & Environmental Report - November

Previous Road & Environmental Reports:

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Official Key messages from the 16th March FPC Meeting

  • The new speed cameras have been a great success.
  • Village CPR training course is booked and 20 plus residents have signed up.
  • The new village map board is now installed at the crossroads.
  • The PC are conducting a survey of the village signs in a view to de-cluttering and cleaning them.
  • The A32 planned works re due to commence in May 2022.

It is recommended that any reports of potholes etc should be directed to Hantsweb rather than the old pothole site as it would appear that the lag between report and repair is reduced.

Official Key Messages from 12th Jan meeting

1. Keith Herman has become our new councillor. Congratulations to Keith.
2. The PC has donated £1000.00 towards the costs of the much-anticipated      Platinum Jubilee Lunch Project.
3. The annual precept was agreed with no annual increase.
4. The PC are planning to update the roses at the War Memorial on the A32      in the spring in keeping with the current planting.

Speeding in our village – we need your help!
The Parish Council are looking for any volunteers to co-ordinate and act as a team to reduce speeding and the associated noise in the village. if you are keen to know more and wish to get involved - .Please contact Andy Clegg

It is recommended that any reports of potholes etc should be directed to Hantsweb rather than the old pothole site as it would appear that the lag between report and repair is reduced

Farringdon Parish Road & Environmental Report - March 2022

Previous Road & Environmental Reports:

January 2022

Nov 2021 Sept 2021 July 2021 May 2021 March 2021

Farringdon Village Hall Charitable Trust

Previous Parish Council and other Parish Reports etc can now be accessed from the Archive Page although you may fiind some documents are temporarily unavailable until I find the time to convert them all to pdf format

Farringdon Parish Council - Road /Environmental Observations & Issues in Need of Attention - Nov 2018

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Farringdon Village Plan - 2013 Version
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[Farringdon Village Plan - Part 1 -Vision 2030]
  [Farringdon Village Plan - Part 2 - Action Plan]  
[Farringdon Village Plan Part 3 - Potential Funding Sources]

Official Key Messages from the FPC Meeting held 23/11/22

1. Congratulations to David Craig our new parish councillor.

2. Following the overflow of rubbish that has blighted the bus stop and memorial garden along the A32 a new larger and more attractive bin will be installed.

3. A schedule of maintenance and repair work will be started on the playground equipment and fencing repaired along the playing field.

4. The annual precept will be lowered from £35,000.00 per annum to £25,000.00 per annum.

5. A statement will be issued (see left) asking residents to park vehicles with thought and sensitivity in regard to their Neighbours when parking on village roads.


The ‘Biz Report’: Parish Council Meeting held 20/07/22

With only the Parish Clerk, Gary Lyle, and four councillors present, (David Horton (Chairman), Penny Cushing, David Williams & Keith Herman) there was no immediate rush to occupy the Vice Chairman’s seat following the resignation of Cllr David Craig, so the post was left open for the present.

Under the broad umbrella of Matters arising from previous minutes were the FPC’s appreciation of the work of Pat Herman and the volunteers who maintain and water the Village Garden.
The Chairman stated that he had entered the Farringdon Village Garden Project into the appropriate category in the 2022 ‘Village of the Year’ Competition.

The ongoing sage of installation, replacement and renewal of various road signs including the long awaited “No Through Road”  sign for Parsonage Close and various refurbishment and resiting of various road signs around the village was eventually decided to be “Ongoing” as was repair to the BOAT by the Church Gate, the previous erosion problem having been exacerbated by the large volume of traffic redirected through this route due to the current obstruction of the A32, just South of the Woodside Lane/New Road crossroads, as a result of various “Flood Prevention Scheme” excavations.

This prompted a universal criticism of the HCC Traffic Management and signage around the current flood prevention works and the lack of clarity about future flood works south of the Farringdon Crossroads.
There were also several comments concerning difficulties encountered by delivery vehicles and refuse collections trying to access Industrial units on both sides of the Crossroads and several reports of damage caused by large vehicles in various locations around the Village attempting to find a short cut to avoid the long official diversion via Winchester and the A272 to rejoin the A32 at West Meon.

The verge erosion problem on Crow’s Lane, was also raised and reported as ongoing although exactly what solution will be proposed is, as yet, unclear.

The new Parish Council website discussion was deferred until the next meeting due to the absence of Cllr, Andy Clegg who is overseeing the project.

The Village Playground maintenance and insurance was also discussed. Insurance had been renewed and the Clerk recommended that a a budget for maintenance should be set up.

A Freedom of Application request has been received requesting access to emails exchanged concerning the New Village Hall Project using the PCC email system. Following advice from several sources the process would be set in motion but it is likely the time consuming work of redacting personal details and references would probably exceed the 12 hour limit proscribed for such activities.

Following a discussion (which was difficult to follow on-line due to the sound distortion!)  the Accounts were approved by those present.

Following a request by letter from David Craig, A proposal was put forward that the FPC should request the removal of  the Double Yellow lines on the Hall Lane/Crows Lane and Street junction on the grounds that they were out of keeping with a rural environment and as parking close to a junction was prohibited by the Highway Code the yellow lines were unnecessary. The publication of the letter had prompted a letter from a previous  FPC Chairman, C. Elderton opposing the request and among other points making the observation that the lines were placed there by the highway authority after assessing the traffic flow through the junction. Following a discussion the proposal was rejected.

The Next Farringdon Parish Council Meeting was scheduled for Wed 17th September.


Farringdon Parish Council Diary

Scheduled Parish Council Meetings
are currently held in Chawton Village Hall
(in addition to the shceduled meetings,
planning or other special meetings
may be held at short notice when required)

Subject to any revision meetings are also available online via Zoom

Wed 18th Jan - 7:00pm Chawton Village Hall
(Agenda & Zoom link to follow)
Wed 15th Mar - 7:00pm Chawton Village Hall
(Agenda & Zoom link to follow)

The Parish Council is made up of nine elected members of the local community, plus a Parish Clerk. Details are shown below.

Council meetings are held every two months, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, and currently in Chawton Village Hall, starting at 7 pm and available on a zoom link.

The dates of scheduled and extraordinary meetings are published in the Village Magazine, here on the 'Biz', circulated to the Farringdon Net email subscribers, on the Parish Council web site; and posted on the village notice-boards in the village in advance of the meetings.

The Notice Boards are situated:

  • At the junction of Church Road and The Street, and
  • Opposite the telephone box at the bottom of Shirnall Hill, (near the A32 crossroads)

All residents are very welcome to attend, and, if you wish, you have an opportunity to raise relevant matters and address the meeting.
If you require detailed answers to specific subject contact the Parish Clerk in advance so that any necessary documents,
or information can be made available at the meeting.

Reports of all meetings appear in the Village Magazine, on this Village web site and are
circulated to subscribers on the email list

defibThe two defibrillators in the disused phone boxes at
Shirnall Hill crossroads and Parsonage Close are now in full operational mode.
Clive has produced a leaflet as a reminder for those who attended the various courses.

If you'd like to volunteer for training please contact Gary Lyle (the Parish Clerk) to seek
information on any planned courses for volunteers.

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Council & Village Hall Trust Chairman David Horton  
Council & VHT Vice Chairman    
Highways, Trees & Lanes David Williams  
  Sarah Farquhar  
  Peter Bosley  
  Andy Clegg  
  Penny Cushing  
  Alison De Ledesma  
  Keith Herman  
Parish Clerk &
         Responsible Finance Officer .
Gary Lyle 07443 505994
Farringdon - Number of electors (current roll) 554

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Farringdon Parish Council have their own official web site where the Parish Clerk's official reports of council meetings and business may be available for your perusal. Parish Council Website will continue to provide reports of recent meetings and all the activities in the village that your reporter finds time to cover but when the FPC site is up to speed, the archive of Farringdon Parish Council reports currently carried on these Pages will eventually be reformatted.

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