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Save the yew Final Update - Updated 28th October 2022

The Parochial Church Council campaign preserve the Ancient Yew tree in Farringdon Churchyard has finally come to fruition as contractors moved in to assemble a new cradle to replace the pre war construction which finally gave way in the winter of 2019.

2.5 metre holes are being bored around the tree to hold anchor plates to which cables are attached to support a vertical steel tube in the hollow centre of the tree.

Once the stay wires are in place and tensioned up the mast will provide the central support for the tree

BoringTightening up

anchor plateSupport Mast


Ground plates held down by the anchors are attached by tensioned cables to the top of the new central support to hold the new mast, in the centre of the tree, upright and stable

Cables and strops (see below) are attached to the top plate of the new central mast, supporting and stabilizing those sectors of the trunk that remained more or less upright.



Farringdon Yew




To prevent excessive movement, anchored tubular braces are bolted into the various branches to restrict lateral movement and prevent further damage to the main parts of the trunk.

The stem that fell across the Church Pathway, which is still showing signs of growth could not be pulled upright without risking further damage, so Steve Watt's temporary wooden truss has been reinforced with more permanent steel supports

Hopefully this structural support will preserve the Ancient Yew for future generations


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