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Over 65's Christmas Party - Updated 13th December 2019


The Church, once again, provided the backdrop for the Annual Over 65's Christmas Party, one of the few event of the year when the residents turn out en masse for a very convivial evening.

The organisers and helpers are to be congratulated for all their efforts on the days around the event and the time spent fund raising and organising the throughout the year which ensures a very enjoyable evening for everybody attending.

Thanks to the generosity of the organisers, the 'Biz' Photographer is now officially invited, providing he is accompanied his long suffering wife is there to keep him in order.


Awaiting the Diners
View from the Pulpit taken by the youngest member of Hartley Family

Christmas Party
Diners 1 Diners 2
Diners 3 Diners 4

Diners 5

Diners 6

Diners 7

It soon became apparent that one table seemed to be generating more noise than any other and your photographer was somewhat surprised to find Tony balancing an After Eight Mint on his forehead.

This was apparently some new fangled diet to limit the calorie intake as Mr Causton using some contorted facial expressions (which we have chosen not to display in case they disturb our more sensitive readers) and a suitable safety net provided by Kate, attempted to transfer the aforementioned Mint towards his mouth, much to the, amusement of his fellow diners who were suitably impressed when the attempt, eventually, proved successful!!





Order was restored by MC David Hartley who thanked all who had helped set up and organise the evening
(with special thanks to Alresford Marquees who, very generously, provided soft cushioned chairs for the diners!!)







With the formalities completed it was time for the Raffle, (cue a frantic search for the ticket!!!) before the diners were serenaded with a selection of Carols from the Farringdon Party Choir







The evening was rounded off with the traditional Auld Lang Syne followed by the National Anthem to bring yet another very successful Farringdon Christmas Party to a close.

Auld Lang Syne

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