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  The incidents leading to the enforced retirement, some years ago, of the renowned Farringdon Astrologer Ms Aphelia Boddy have almost been forgotten but over the last few years, Ms Boddy has, occasionally, very kindly agreed to submit her annual astrological predictions for the Residents of Farringdon for exclusive publication on Farringdon.Biz, your Village web site.

Ms Boddy provided Astrological Guidance for local residents until some years ago when she was forced to move abroad after she was mistakenly accused of involvement with a national politician. Once cleared of these appalling accusations, Ms Boddy was able to offer her services to the 'Biz'

For a couple of years Ms Boddy has been unobtainable due to personal circumstances but after giving her a lift home from somewhat dubious premises in a neighbouring County she has kindly agreed to provide Farringdon Residents with her . . . . . .

Exclusively for those dwelling within the Farringdon Parish Boundary

WARNING: The views and predictions on this page are entirely based on the eccentric thought processes of Ms Boddy while studying the proximity of various stars,
planets and associated heavenly bodies.
While this activity, if practiced regularly, may have some entirely predictable outcome, the information below cannot be relied on with any certainty .
We would like to apologise unequivocally to the "Misguided of Brightstone Lane", "Thoroughly Disgusted of The Street", "Totally Confused of Gosport Road" and of course "Thoroughly P****** Off of Shirnall Meadows" who mistakenly believed that Ms Boddy's advice was accurate.
Please note that Ms Boddy's financial expertise is limited to the current price of Bombay Gin in the various outlets in Alton.
While on the subject of Ms Boddy's expertise we should point out that her abilities to predict anything other than the opening times of local hostelries are sadly inadequate.
This year Ms Boddy has provided us with her services
for free provided we keep her current location from any interested parties
Please note that this web site is not responsible for any financial loss, trauma, divorce,pregnancy, loss of limb or personal injury by anyone foolish enough to believe this rubbish

If you are still reading this claptrap, you really need to get out more or you should submit yourself for some sort of remedial therapy

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CAPRICORN - (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th)

There may have been occasions when you have been feeling a few degrees below your best last year but 2024 promises outstanding success. That is provided you avoid any involvement with those planning any subversive political activities in the next few months as it may prove difficult to extricate yourself from the resulting consequences. Your "activities" at the 2023 Coronation event seems to have avoided public comment and since the photographs were out of focus on your reputation seems to be secure, The planets are well placed towards the end of the year when you may have make some decisions which should be carefully considered. You should seek a second opinion before making any posts on local media and would be well advised to avoid any involvement with local housing plans or any further activities with the individual involved in the incident at the Coronation event. Never allow yourself to be persuaded to agree to any further involvement with local political groups as they seeking a someone to blame for the incident involving your near neighbour and the young woman with the donkey last October.


AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb. 19th)

Opportunities in the early part of the year should be beneficial if you remain in firm control, although you should be careful to avoid any further controversial activities with your close friends which has caused you some difficulties in the past. Your partner will possibly encounter some difficulties in the run up to Easter but, providing they are able to prevent any adverse publicity, things will improve as the year goes on although there may be a need to reconsider any major holiday plans in the late spring until the near eclipse of your apocalyptic has passed and balance is restored, this, combined with decision of your offspring that accumulating a huge debt for a dodgy university degree is not a necessary part of their future plans, may have some influence on your decision.. The year promises well for horticultural success although you should be prepared for a few disappointments and some minor fungal infections will need attention to avoid further difficulties.


PISCES (Feb 20th - March 20th)

Your singular success last year leaves you with a difficult act to follow but although, in the year ahead, you might not repeat this achievement, the future looks sound, providing you avoid any serious misjudgments. You would probably be well advised to check who is within earshot before airing your current views on the design of the proposed Village Hall as very few of your fellow villagers seem to be of a similar opinion and the consequences might hinder your future plans. You, and your partner, should consider carefully any unexpected invitations and be prepared for a surprise in the early autumn, which may require some action on your part to ensure maximum benefit. Your close family should also be considered before you take any major decisions which might influence future activities.You should pay close attention to your health as there is a confluence of planets in your mid-year aura which might expose you to some minor health problems if not taken care of. Overall, 2023 should be a satisfactory year provided you avoid involvement with any local disputes involving local political stalwarts.


ARIES (Mar 21st - Apr 20th)

 Although the year has not started well, thing should improve as the weather warms up as most will have forgotten the events just prior to the Summer show some years ago. The new opportunities now that your offspring have left home should be considered with extreme care but avoid unnecessary expenditure as there may be an unexpected expense in late summer. Renewing membership of your golf club should only be considered in extreme circumstances as planning permission has now been approved and earthworks are likely to commence on the 5th, 10th, 11th and 12th and final fairway in early Autumn.You may consider opening your garden to visitors but bear in mind that some of the literature in your shed should be safely disposed of before strangers begin to thumb through them as the subject of the photos and centrefolds may create difficulties for a some other residents. Your future plans, unless carefully managed, could possibly result in unwelcome attention from the Northern side of the village, parts of Chawton and Four Marks and most of Beech

TAURUS (APR 21st - May 21st)

Events last year, in what is currently, the only Village hostelry, while thoroughly entertaining for some, was roundly condemned by those who were unable to witness the event and should be avoided if you are to maintain some sort of respectability in years to come. Although your contribution to the discussion concerning current drainage plans in the lower village was widely approved, (with the exception of the official mentioned who is still contemplating court action) this sort of public comment should be avoided if you hope to get planning permission for your garage/workshop/house extension, Sauna and relaxation area. You should take care to keep your roadside hedge pruned and managed to allow unrestricted passage of larger vehicles, passing dog walkers, cyclists and the countless delivery vans dropping parcels at the wrong address. A forthcoming conjunction adjacent to your ecliptic is certain to create some difficulties but the instabilities should be resolved before the end of September once the children return to school.


GEMINI (May 22nd - June 22nd)

  What a year, everything you were involved with came to a moderately successful outcome, apart from the parcel wrapping incident at a popular local venue, although even then you were able to move fast enough to render positive facial identification in the many photographs almost impossible. You enter the year full of confidence. An unfortunate conjunction within your aura has the potential to cause minor difficulties around the Spring Equinox but if you take reasonable precautions and you all stick to the same story, there is little chance of any details entering the public domain. Later in the year you may receive an offer which you should consider carefully and discreetly to avoid any misunderstanding. Your planetary movements are somewhat erratic towards the end of the summer so you would be well advised to avoid anyone wearing blue, particularly if their vehicle has flashing lights and a siren.

CANCER (jun 23rd - July 23rd)

Once again your social outings have proved to be socially acceptable although there was some confusion after your unexpected early departure from the village meeting until it became clear your partner was locked out of the house because you had both sets of keys. The young person with your partner took some explaining but the incident is now almost forgotten by everybody else. Your success in the Village Quiz final was unexpected but then no other competitors were aware the young person asking the questions was involved on the evening of the aforementioned meeting, and had no wish to promote any adverse comments from your good self. The efforts you have made to restore your garden are much appreciated and a great improvement on the previous occupants horticultural failures. There is an apoplectic period in December due to the sublimation of your star line but stability should be restored in a few days if the rain holds off..


LEO (July 24th - Aug 23rd)

Oh dear, things began badly then deteriorated as the end of the year approached, all in all 2023 was not a fulfilling experience but, be assured 2024 will be more promising once Winter has passed and your star sign alignment is restored over Easter. You would be well advised to stay clear of the celebrity who caused very severe difficulties from Summer onwards. Your plans will then fall into place, but avoid unnecessary expenditure before the Summer Solstice settles your star line equilibrium. Your ambition to join a cruise will be fulfilled later in the year when you may find an opportunity to explore the Norwegian Fjords in the company of a close friend thanks to a well placed investment some years ago. This experience should provide you with the confidence to attend Christmas and New Year Social events without any unfortunate consequences but do take care not to unnecessarily agitate those individuals who appear to consider themselves superior to yourself and all other residents.

VIRGO (Aug 24th - Sep 23rd)

Your behaviour last year was beyond reproach and you deserve congratulation for this achievement following 2022 mishaps. You are now established in your position and have achieved a sound financial basis to develop your interests in the market. Your future plans need careful consideration but your decision to proceed independently has proved to be the right move. Your relationships have been well managed and are unlikely to create any unexpected problems in the near future. The little dodgy one from Church Road has now been sent firmly on their way and is unlikely to cause any further problem given the information at your disposal. Take care to avoid unwarranted attention from the new occupant two doors down as they have just been thrown out by their previous partner and have serial involvement in relationship failures. Your garden will require regular attention as the weather warms but a few hours outdoors will be beneficial to your health. Avoid any involvement in activities in the village around the Summer Equinox and then only with care and minimal alcohol intake. Please try and avoid making somewhat pointed and personal comments on the village "Wossup" group as some dog walkers are very sensitive about that sort of thing.

LIBRA (Sep 24th - Oct 23rd)

The images of your alleged Ptolomeic Activities, previously circulated by the Neighbourhood Watch Night Patrol (now discontinued) has caused difficulties in the past, but you have since settled with an excellent partner, which resulted in some consternation from other prospective candidates, Both of you have made considerable progress and are now fully accepted by most normal residents. You have wisely avoided any political involvement and your handling of the unfortunate November incident in Gaston Lane was very much appreciated by all but the miscreants. Working from home has proved to be a good decision and has enabled you to enjoy more village events although you should take care to avoid becoming involved in some of the more extreme future plans. Your health is good and should remain so as long as you maintain a reasonable degree of physical fitness and avoid any extreme dietary intakes, Your star line is very stable and no confluences are likely to cause you any problems in the coming year. Your success in the Summer Show can not be guaranteed but you would be well advised to enter a few classes to give yourself a good chance.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd)

After recovering from the misunderstood address to the WI some years ago I, (Compounded by failing to provide requested information to the Chair) you have since managed to regain the acceptance of your immediate neighbours. Quite why you decided to appear somewhat scantily clad as a "Pixie" at a nearby Village Festival Party last year, is impossible to understand. Fortunately you had left long before the Local Constabulary arrived to sort out yet another minor political dispute, but the images posted on local web sites, until they were removed to avoid any legal activities, were clearly likely to offend almost every one although, it did result in a role in a dubious TV activity in which you were surprisingly successful. Although you seemed to be welcome in both local hostelries through the Summer any further events of a similar nature could be result in that honour being rescinded! Despite this you are likely to be financially rewarded late in the year and possibly even welcomed at some local events ( but not undressed as a PIxie!!!) and your heath line is stable and good although you should avoid any severe dietary changes proposed by some parties.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - DEC 21st)

The response of the Neighbourhood Watch to your public comments some years ago has been widely distributed but has had little effect on your behaviour towards some local organisations, which, for some reason, seem to be regarded as acceptable by a large number of fellow residents, who apparently find your statements amusing! Despite this you are highly regarded by many but unlikely to contribute any useful or helpful comments to local organisations. You would be well advised to consider your future as there is a mild disturbance in you star trail in early summer which could cause some problems although, with your luck, probably to others rather than yourself. Your horticultural achievements have been considerable and seem likely to remain so. There will be some problems toward the end of this year and the beginning of the next but they are unlikely to last for long and you will probably cope without too much effort. You would be well advised to steer clear of your neighbour's home made "Cherry Brandy" to avoid any misunderstandings or unfortunate problems.


I am reliably informed that Ms Boddy is prepared to undertake personal consultations outside opening hours, for a very reasonable fee.

She can usually be found in whichever is her currently preferred local hostelry or alternatively she can often be attracted by the rustling of folding money.
( Bear in mind this is not a unique trait amongst certain residents of the Village, although some local artisans can be attracted equally effectively when they hear the rustling of Chocolate Digestive wrappers.)

Please Note: Farringdon.Biz accepts no responsibility for the activities of outside parties ( or inside parties for that matter ) or for the accuracy or subsequent direct or indirect losses or injury precipitated by events predicted or otherwise on this or any other page of this web site.

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