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Festival of Flowers - Updated 15th May 2021  


Arr arr24There was no risk of huge crowds breaching Covid gathering restrictions, but there was a respectable number of flower arrangements on display in All Saints Church for the Farringdon Horticultural Society Festival of flowers.

In the absence of a Spring Flower and Vegetable Show there was an element of competition involved, each display was individually numbered and, in a secret ballot visitors were asked to vote for their favourite display on the day.

Your photographer was on hand although parking was at a premium due to the "huge" crowd of prospective buyers viewing the newly available apartment in an adjacent building building site.





On a not overly warm morning, Chrys and Roger Browne and Sheila Elderton were sheltering in the Church Porch to book in the entrants and ensure numbers allocated to each display to avoid any confusion when the votes were tallied up.


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Display of the Day




After the Votes were counted Jane Edwards scented offering proved to be the most popular and was duly elected Display of the Day.

Cakes and Coffee etc were available from Berry Cottage throughout the day. Unfortunately your reporter was under strict instructions (from a higher power) to stay out of eating distance of enticing delicacies to avoid increasing the waistline expansion accumulated over the recent lockdown period.

To those who were operating the refreshment department I offer my abject apologies for the lack of pictures of this area.


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