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Access Chaos from Selborne Road - updated - Updated 15th February 2024

Currently, after a great deal of confusion and delay, it appears that there is, currently, car access between Selborne Road and Farringdon via Hall Lane, but, Gaston Lane is still "officially closed" to through traffic. Although the signs get set aside by "unknown individuals" and it is currently passable, (but not guaranteed) because some other individual/s occasionaly puts the signs back in the Road!!!

Hall Lane is currently passable but at some time in the future it will close again to repair the continuing gas leak!! after barrier rempval there is now free access for cars from Shirnall Hill to the A32 crossroads

Signage at the Selborne end of Gaston Lane is a bit confusing as the road has to remain open for access to properties on the East side of the bridge.

Gaston Signs

headwallGaston Lane was apparently supposed to be closed because some individual informed the Highway Authority that the Sheepwash Bridge on the Parish Boundary might be unsafe which the Highway Authority appear to have accepted as the case!

The signs (left) are sometimes clear of the road and traffic can pass through although it appears they are replaced and then set aside, (occasionally!)

The headwalls (right) beyond the railings at each end are looking a bit dodgy, as they have done for some while due to heavy water flow off the road and frost damage but, as far as I am aware, there has been no follow up inspection from Hampshire Highways to assess the condition under the road itself.

Nevertheless the bridge has apparently been assessed as possibly unsafe hence the random barriers across the road and assorted road closed signs.


Under bridgeThis decision seems to have been taken, despite the fact that the brick conduit (left) under the road is showing no further signs of damage or deterioration over the last few years and there are no cracks or problems in the road surface across the bridge, although other parts of the road surface area do require attention!

The end headwalls, outside the white railings do need repair before next winter, as a combination of frost and recent heavy water flows off the lane, have displaced a lot of the brick work and these head walls do need rebuilding to prevent washout under the road in the future but this doesn't currently affect the integrity of the brickwork under the road

I am not aware of any indication as to when, or if, a proper inspection has, or will, take place or when, if the necessary repairs are started, they will be completed, so this shambles could continue for a while!

Hopefully Hall Lane will remain open for the dustbin days (Tuesday) otherwise there will be even more chaos than usual!

We live in hope!



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