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Farringdon great onion weigh-in Results - Updated 4th Sep 2023

Last Saturday evening the Horton's welcomed the Farringdon Onion Growers to The Thatched Cottage for the 2023 Farringdon Great Onion Competition. (Unfortunately your reporter was unable to make it but David Horton very kindly forwarded the details!)

This year there were 17 entries up for weighing, with the top 6 all well over the 1kg mark.

winnerAs usual there were one or two attempts to confuse the Judges, including foliage wrapped into the Onion to increase weight and a heavy box alleged to contain a mighty Onion.

Both attempts were thwarted by the Weighing Officials and this year the heaviest Onion was grown by Kim Anderson, who was duly presented with the Annual Trophy By David . (see right)
Kim claimed to never have done anything like this before, yet produced a specimen that weighed in at an Impressive 1.695kg.

The wooden spoon was taken by Stuart Mattinson, with  a spring onion of only 190g.
As we know, Stuart travels frequently between the Isle of Wight, Zimbabwe and Farringdon and his excuse was that he was unable to water it , maybe next year he can find somebody to do his watering!


Of course, the onion competition not be complete without the fruit liqueur tasting, and David Horton was happy to report that those attending had some absolutely stonking samples to taste, and it was hard to know at the end who was the winner.

Although to be fair the event requires extensive tasting of high strength spirits by all present and some re-tasting to check that they got it right first time

Fortunately the chief steward claimed to be capable of counting the ticks on the scorecards and Mark Westcott was declared the winner with a very interesting mix of rum, and some other flavoursome, but unidentifiable ingredient.


David Horton would like to thank you all for making this such a special event.


Results -Top Six Kgs


Kim Anderson 1.695
2nd Tim Charrington 1.562
3rd Chris Perry 1.539
4th David Craig 1.518
5th Jenny Thompson 1.506
6th Peter Bolton 1.493

Thanks to David Horton for the Info and Pictures and Mark Wesscott for Pictures




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