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waiting at the church - Updated August 15th 2015

On the first day of August, the small party of visitors making their way across the Church Green to examine the ancient yew in the churchyard must have have been somewhat bewildered to find a large group of very jovial Farringdon Residents loitering in the vicinity of the Church, not to mention various photographers of the professional variety.

(A description rarely, if ever, applied to the 'Biz' photographer whose appearance in the Village is not normally greeted in such a joyful and enthusiastic manner)


Farringdon videographer Robin Baumber was on hand to record the moving images and took the opportunity to provide a potted and possibly not entirely accurate, life history of yours truly to the official photographer.

The reason for all this interest, a Village Wedding, an event guaranteed to draw an audience, especially if they are invited to lunch in a house with a grandstand view of the proceedings, plied with food and beverages of various sorts, with the host maintaining a look out to keep his guests up to date with events in Church Road.






In an unprecedented act of chivalry your reporter will not be revealing the name of the party guest who had inadvertently parked their car on the spot reserved for the carriage.

Suffice to say it was moved by the time the Bridesmaids arrived, not, as expected, in a Horse Drawn Carriage but in hastily arranged transport of the horseless variety after the lorry carrying the carriage and pair was severely delayed on the M25.

Sheila, Anne and Rhia selected a viewpoint in the shade of the spreading sycamore tree on the Church Green.



It is traditional for the Bride to arrive late but in this case the delay was causing severe concern among the lunch party as one or two glasses were running dangerously low.

Dawn and Monica decided to make themselves comfortable on the Jubilee seat by the Lych Gate, leaving Chris gingerly settling on a rather less comfortable perch to ensure a Grandstand view when the bride arrived.




The arrival of the bride gave the onlookers the first view of the wedding dress, which obviously gained the Farringdon Seal of Approval from spectators and galvanised the wedding photographers into a flurry of activity.

Katie seemed remarkably composed despite the rapid rescheduling of her bridal transport, Even Patrick, the Father of the Bride was on his best behaviour, exchanging pleasantries with all and sundry as Katie posed for the wedding photos



As Katie made her way to the Lytch Gate with mother Di in control of the wedding dress the lunch guests wandered back into the thatched cottage for the second course, carefully timed so they would be on hand with glasses recharged to witness the departure of the bride and groom after the service.







An arch of flowers provided the back drop for Officers of the Royal Engineers who provided guard of Honour as the bridesmaids led the wedding guests out of the Church after the service.








Swords were raised as the Rory and Katie emerged from the church to be greeted by their guests before preparing for the official photographs.




The images above and left are, of course, unofficial photographs, but in common with the other amateur snappers present your photographer made the most of the photo opportunities available.


As is clearly illustrated here, even amateur snappers need to maintain an intense level of concentration to capture that unique moment.

After enjoying his generous hospitality the following day, I feel it would be churlish to make any comment on Patrick's Posy





The Official carriage had now arrived and was waiting by the Green to transport the Bride and Groom to the reception held in the grounds of the Fuller Estate.





The Official Photographer checked his list to make sure nothing was missed and the Guards of Honour, official duties now done, could relax and enjoy the day.






A warm round of applause greeted the newly married couple as they emerged from the Churchyard to the waiting carriage . . . . . . . .

. . . . .only to discover that boarding a carriage in full dress uniform needs careful management of the accoutrements to avoid embarrassment..




After the departure of the Bride and Groom both the wedding and lunch guests, following a brief interlude to discuss the days events, made their way back to their respective venues to enjoy the hospitality provided by the respective hosts.






All that is but the Bridesmaids, who were, for a short time, left waiting at the Church for their carriage to return

The transport returned fairly swiftly and with the Bridesmaids safely aboard, set off to join the rest of the guests for the reception.






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