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D-Day Dance - Updated June 30th 2014


Friday 13th? No worries for Farringdon residents who, in cunning diguises, were making their way to the Village Hall for the D-Day Dance, the latest in a series of events organised by the Farringdon Village Hall Social Group.

To the relief of almost everybody your reporter was elsewhere for this event but thanks to John Bohringer we are able to publish a selection of images from the evening.

Inside, the final preparations were well in hand but outside. under the watchful eye of a distincty androgynous sentry, the first arrivals, suitably attired were making their way to the hall.

Pausing, of course, for the obligatory shot beside the security post.



I am a bit concerned about that sentry, the accent is difficult to place and he? bears more than a passing resemblance to a a certain Fraulein who occasionally appears at Farringdon Social events.

By now they were queueing up for the photo opportunity in a wide variety of uniforms and outfits all on their best behavious with the Padre present.



Some people were even prepared for a second take, I.m sure I've seen that sentry before somewhere .



Fortunately, rationing is no longer in operation so there was plenty on the table for everybody.





Dancing continued into the evening with some authentic moves on show before everybody made their way home. A rather safer trip than it would have been 70 years ago



Thanks to John Bohringer for the original Pictures on this page.
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