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CROWS LANE APPEAL REFUSED - Updated February 10th 2016

The Appeal against the decision by East Hampshire Planning Authority to refusal to grant planning permission for fourteen houses alongside Crows Lane has been turned down by the Inspector.

The full report, in PDF format is available here, but in essence, the main grounds for refusal supported the objections put forward by East Hampshire Planning Authority:

  • The cramped development was more in keeping with an urban development and was out of out of character with the existing properties in Farringdon.
  • Creating a splayed access road to provide an acceptable sight line would result in the loss of a significant part of an established hedgerow.
  • Parking Spaces were poorly laid out and not always in close proximity to the dwellings

The generation of extra traffic on Crows Lane and the Street did not seem to be a major factor in the decision making and it seems the Inspector did not rule out a more sensitive development. Which is more or less in line with the thinking of many Farringdon residents.

The "Allotments" and open space provision also came in for criticism, both for their position within the development and a suggestion they introduced to the plan to forestall criticism of the original planning application for the site.

All in all I think the Village will be in agreement with the Inspectors comments and we will have to wait and see if the applicants will put forward another application, in the hope that should they do so, it will be more sympathetic to the needs of a rural development than its predecessor.

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