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Coronation party - Updated June 21st 2013




The Vicarage Garden was the Venue for the Farringdon Coronation Party held in bright sunshine on the 2nd June and the event produced an outbreak of exotic head gear on a royal theme including this fetching combination from Georgina Grainger.



The full outfit was on show for the Children's competition with a variety of interpretations on a coronation theme.

The winner was prepared to offer a Royal audience to mere commoners after the event although there has been no confirmation that a knighthood in the offing for David Burton.

The Nail bashing competition brought out the competitive instinct with a variety of techniques on display and also plenty of advice from spectators here Dawn Perry gets some helpful? advice from Bradley.


The totals were rising throughout the afternoon and Jeremy's counting technique was under close inspection from Richard Buer who was one of several temporary leaders of the competition during the afternoon.



In the end it victory went to a very happy Gary Oakley whose hammer technique produced the highest total of nails driven home in the allotted time.


The book stall provoked a lot of interest, not least from the stall holders

Your photographer found himself in front of Hoppa's camera at one stage while Tim and Peggy caught up with the important issues of the day.

All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend a sunny afternoon.

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