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FARRINGDON CHRISTMAS CABARET . . . Updated 11th December 2010

Your table awaitsOn Saturday 4th December an enthusiastic and, going by the trade at the bar, a well oiled audience, witnessed the The final performance of the 2010 Farringdon Christmas Cabaret, ending a three night run featuring the The Fabulous Farringdon Follies Company.

Thanks to the the combined photographic talents of Messrs Mills and Wallace we have more pictures of that performance featuring members of the Company

just a touch Backstage the more professional members of the cast were applying make up while out front . . .


Settling down

. . .The last night audience settled in the to enjoy a few drinks to get them in suitable mood for the performance to come .

Incidentally this was not a formal dress affair, the Black Ties were being sported by the "artistes" collectively known as the The Ten Tenors, who could occasionally be spotted out front . . . . . .
The last night bar


. . . .but were more often found in their rehearsal area adjacent to the bar, selflessly digging into their pockets to boost the bar takings over the three nights and honing their voices to a peak for their performances during the evening.
William and Mike prepare for curtain up



Music was provided by the William Godfree Ensemble with William on Keyboard and Mike Findlay on Bass.

In addition to accompanying the performers on stage William's talents were brought to the fore with a spirited rendition of the tale of Mrs Beamish's single handed campaign to foil the efforts of the unsuspecting Reverend Ken to "modernise" the services at St Botolphs.


Bradley tells his own version of the three bears


Compere Bradley Walters opened the show with a few choice words of advice and guidance for the audience in addition to string of anecdotes delivered through out the performance as he introduced the various turns throughout the evening.

Mike Wallace (sponsored and enhanced by the products of Triple FFF brewery) opened the show in tremendous voice, sporting a moustache that completely eclipsed all other facial hair attached to the cast and was joined by the full company for the second chorus of "Another Opening another Show" (note that at this stage of the performance many of the cast are still sober hence the happy smiles although they may just be overcome with admiration at Mr Wallace's performance)

Unfortunately I have no pictures of Vicky Jarman's passionate solo from Les Miserables, some fool falling over his own cape and Madame Marianne Prynne expressing no regrets whatsoever. Should anybody have recorded these perfomances for posterity Please e-mail them in to the the 'Biz' communications centre

spot the false moustache

Following Marianne's Je ne Regrette Rien the Ten Tenors took to the stage for a rendering of the Sloop John B in tasteful shirts and wearing Mike Wallace tribute facial hair. ( It should be noted that Mr Wallace is now clean shaven - the moustache growing exercise having raised a considerable sum for charity) Quite how the video editor is going to cope with the sudden appearance of this facial decoration on the second night of filming I don't know.

Mr Robin Jarman had considerable adhesion difficulties with his equipment during the performance and had to employ initiative and cunning to remedy the situation which completely confused the old fool on the end who (not for the first time) had no idea what was going on.
I was there

Once the Ten tenors had removed themselves from the stage it was Summertime from Porgy and Bess performed by Juliana Clarke but again I unfortunately have no pictures.

Mr Peter Barber then reminded us all of his memories of the night that a Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, although probably not many were singing during the Cabaret run, I suspect a combination of cold miserable weather and equally miserable demonstrators would have put off even the most determined nightingale.

Marianne, Kathy, Juliana, Vicky and Debbie

Rounding off the first half, the Santa Swingers swung gracefully into action as they Rocked Around the Christmas Tree in some very fetching Santa Claus outfits

More Caberet Photos on the next Page.


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