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Village Garden is thriving - Updated 14th July 2021


Just a month after the major part of the New Village Garden, occupying the site of the former Parsonage Close playground beside New Road, was planted up by volunteers, ( this picture was taken in mid June) the beds have thrived in the wet and (occasionally) warm weather and are proving quite popular with passing walkers and residents,

The Official Village Garden Opening is planned for the Thursday 15th August at 1:30 pm and many more visitors will be enjoying the the Garden on the Village Open Gardens day on

Nadine Ferris, Pat Herman, Chrys Browne, David Horton & Sue Rogers, were starting work when the 'Biz 'photographer was getting in the way but Alison Ledesma, Antonia Baileys and Dave Williams were also enthusiastic contributors to the project.



10th June



The image of the Sensory Plot (right) was taken the day after the planting team moved in, both the larger images below were taken a month later on 11th of July. Another few weeks and the Sunflower competition entries will be at the top of the wall!




Sensory Garden Close Up



The central plot is also thriving with a wide variety of flowers in full bloom and the promised warm spell to come will provide even more encouragement for growth


Herb Garden 11th
Close Up





The Wildlife area has attracted many pollinators with Honey Bees (right), Hover flies, and a few Bumble Bees working the blooms last weekend



11th JulyThe Village Garden is thriving under the current damp conditions but in case of drought, David Williams water butt installation should provide plenty of refreshment!


Water Butts


Don't forget The Farringdon Horticultural Society Open Gardens Day and Village History display on Sunday 18th August, details in the Village Diary

Congratulations to all those involved in the Garden project and we hope it will provide pleasure to both residents and visitors in the years to come!
(Especially if the Litter Bin Contractors can be persuaded to do their bit!!)



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