This is the village website for Farringdon in Hampshire, it has replaced the www.upperfarringdon.com site,
which was set up in 2000 by Heather and Geoffrey Wilkins, (and probably much more efficiently run).

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When they left the village they gave me a crash course in web site design and the official digital camera and I took over the site.
I felt the Upper Farringdon title was misleading, as the website is intended to serve all of Farringdon Parish and
took the opportunity to secure the 'farringdon.biz' name when it became available in 2002

Some years on, the same idiot is still running the site and attempting to keep villagers
and all those who browse these pages up to date with events in Farringdon
There may be occasions when some items or links may be unavailable, I will do my best to keep everything in order
but I run the site in my spare time and refuse to give up valuable drinking hours except in extreme circumstances.

While I make every effort to keep information on these pages accurate and up to date, if you have come across any errors or find any broken links please email me so that I can make some attempt to rectify my mistakes.
Various items are added and amended from time to time and if you have any ideas, information or items you would like to see on these pages, or have any comments, complimentary or otherwise, please let me know.
Send your comments by e-mail or seek me out in one of the local hostelries to which I pay the occasional visit.

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