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The Farringdon great onion challenge - updated 22nd September 2023




The Onion growing enthusiasts of Farringdon gathered at the Thatched Cottage last Saturday Evening (17th Sep) for the 2022 Farringdon Great Onion Challenge Weigh-in hosted by David and Cally Horton.

The evening included Annual Farringdon Liqueur Competition, a very popular event as the winner is decided by number of votes cast following a tasting session involving all present!





scalestension buildsThe scales were set up in the weighing area and with Mark Wescott c-in-c scales, David Horton transporting the entries and Dave Mattey summarily appointed as an independent observer* the weigh in was under way.

* In case you are wondering why Dave Mattey was appointed to this role it was was:

   a:) Because he hadn't entered an Onion into the competition

   b:) He is a trained observer, (although Meteorological than Horticultural)

   c:) because he was judged to be sober (ie. only on his first glass)





As the weigh in continued the excitement of was too much for most the spectators who retreated to the refreshments and various beverages available on the patio.

All that is, with the exception of the dog and Andy Clegg, who was keeping an eye on proceedings as his entry went onto the scales one of the three entries that tipped the scales at over 2kg


Even the Ducks came out to join the fun although only after conducting a minor attack on your photographer when he was foolish enough to get in their way across the lawn.


let's try this oneThat seems to have hit the spot!


Meanwhile, the serious business of the day was under way with the tasting of the Liqueurs produced lovingly fermented in the cellars of Farringdon in the preceding years.

Well that one seems to have hit the spot!!!





By now more volunteer Liqueur tasters were settling in to the arduous task with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Although there were not too many reluctant to savour the efforts of the producers!


th nmore the merrier

And the winner is


Finally the results were in and it was time for David to announce the winner of the 2022 Farringdon Great Onion Challenge.

In third Place, with one of the three entries over 2kg was Jenny Thompson.

Andy Clegg's onion took second place , just 49 gm short of the winning entry,

The Champion Onion fro 2022 was Peter and Louise Bolton's entry, weighing in at 2.948 kg and the winning team were duly presented with the coveted Great Onion Trophy by Farringdon Horticultural Society Chair Phyll Watts



PresentationFinal results- thanks to David Horton

Pos Entrant Weight (kg)


Peter and Louise Bolton 2..948
2nd Andy Clegg 2..899
3rd Jenny Thompson 2..190


Nick Rowe 1.618
5th Ian & Judy Ross 1.459
6th Ian Dussek 1.329
7th David Horton 1.165
8th Tim Charrington 1.101
9th David Craig 1.009
10th Chris Perry 0.729





David Horton was voted winner of the Liqueur competition, although some of the crosses were slightly misaligned!

The evening was rounded off by Ian Dussek who thanked David and Cally for their generous hospitality for which they were duly applauded by those present and apparently seconded by the Ducks!

  Thanks to David and Cally for their hospitality and allowing your photographer into their garden for the evening!

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