Farringdon Improvement Group - Village Survey

The result of the recent survey inviting residents to have a say on issues about which they feel concerned, suggests that many of us are happy and content with our village and quality of life, which is great. But some issues were raised in over 100 responses.

Speeds on the A32, and in the Village. This includes the related problem of very large vehicles parking on the road outside the Motor Bike shop, obscuring views along the main road from the crossroads and Aylwards Drive. A dangerous situation is created, not least for children crossing the road to catch a school bus, and in due course, to use the new playground.
The issues are already in hand, with a deal of correspondence and photographs between Parish Councillor Gary Oakley and EHDC. Karen Dawes, Community Safety Co-ordinator for EHDC, is prodding responsible agencies, and PC Simon Dear has been given a mandate to follow up various options. Future measures may require setting up a Speed Watch.

Concern was expressed about Burglary and Crime. PC Simon Dear is proposing to hold Beat Surgeries in the village. Neighbourhood Watch try to ensure prompt dissemination of any alerts, messages or advice from the Police, Trading Standards and other agencies. If you are not receiving these, contact FIG or NHW to find out your local Street Co-ordinator, and give a contact telephone number and email address if you have one. For those without email, it is suggested you ask a neighbour who has email to pass messages on to you, but please let NHW know of the arrangement.

Lack of Village Amenities
Blue sky thinking is needed here, and if anyone has a good thought, please let us know. Will the community support a shop, post office or bus service? A few years back there was a chance to secure a playing field and pavilion but sadly the village voted the proposal down. The hall at Massey's Folly has potential as a centre for some community activities, if and when some problems are overcome, but we still need a green space. Is there support for a Youth Club?

Other Issues raised:-
State of Roads: Blocked Road Drains: Overgrown Hedges: Litter: Noise: Bonfires: Dog Nuisance (straying dogs, fouling and lack of poo boxes.)
Division in the Village/ Lack of belonging. There are activities to which all are welcome. Notices are usually put in the Village Magazine. If we can get them advertised more widely, will you join in?
Council Tax (value for money): Lack of and Unlit Parking Space: Excessive Development: Refuse Collection:

Action. Where feasible, the issues you have raised will be monitored, reports prepared and submitted to EHDC, so that they can be placed in the hands of the appropriate authority, who we expect to work with us to achieve satisfactory solutions.
Individually, we are all entitled to lobby appropriate councils, and express views on planning applications. And feel free to post positive comments on the Village Forum.

Happy New Year

Iain Ross

Secretary to Farringdon Improvement Group