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  1. The grateful thanks for all his hard work was to be sent to retiring Chairman, Tony Amery on behalf of Council.

  2. Future FPC Minutes would be circulated (ideally) within one week for approval by PC.

  3. It was agreed that the Parish Council is prepared to act as a body corporate  as  sole trustee of the management of the Village Hall Management Committee

  4. It was agreed that the necessary legal fees to ensure smooth transition between the existing FVHMC and the Parish Council would be funded.
  5. A further meeting was planned to explore whether the Listing of Massey’s Folly could be de-listed.

  6. Investment of funds – Cllr Oakley was empowered to investigate best returns for PC  funds. 

  7. Planning applications – approaches to individual Councillors; this was discussed, and following the lead of EHDC, was to be encouraged.   However, Councillors were advised that any informal approach would result only in an informal reply.

  8. Farringdon Vision 2030.   A huge amount of information gathering was required which will be addressed, but the major effort would be centred around the villagequestionnaire .

  9. Council was empowered to co-opt a new member to replace retired member Cllr Amery;              
    Two nominees presented their credentials and Council, after debate, chose to elect Mrs Honor Garard as Councillor.
    There was concern that the other candidate, who also fitted all of the criteria sought by Council could offer enormous contributions to the village, should not be overlooked.    The Clerk was asked to investigate, with urgency, the possibility of increasing the numbers of the Council to 10 members.

  10. Council is very aware that, if, as is likely, they are to assume the role of “managers of the Village Hall” there would be no alternative but to employ an individual to run the day-to-day affairs of the Hall; the cost of this would reflect in a significant increase in the precept.

  11. With the retirement of Cllr Amery, a new Chairrnan was required.   Two nominees put themselves forward and were questioned by fellow-Councillors.   After they retired, Council decided that Cllr Chris Taylor be appointed to post.

  12. Cllr Elderton had in mind a project for two children who were enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme for Community Service.

  13. Council closed by making a massive vote of thanks to Former Chairman Tony Amery and to  Vice-chair Caroline Roe for their unstinting service to the Farringdon Community.