Council was told that speed reminders (flashing signs) had been allocated to remind drivers on A32 of the (current) 40 mph speed limit; these would be located at suitable sites, in consultation with the Parish Council. Further, it was anticipated that the A32 through the village would be considered for a 30 mph limit before the end of the year.

Farringdon Improvement Group had also launched its own initiative to slow through traffic by planning white fencing at both ends of the village with floral displays to signify the identity of the village.

Posts would be re-erected to prevent through traffic beside the Parsonage Close children's playground following their removal by vandals

The Shirnall Meadow areas were discussed; a site meeting between FPC and Charles Church had defined what was required by way of a "clean-up" operation to restore the land to the agreed status. Council heard that all finances were in place and agreed for the children's play area. Concerns were raised about the use of the (EHDC) parking area; restrictions were proposed, which would be raised with EHDC.

Various planning matters arising since the last meeting were aired; there was nothing contentious.

NHW/FIG reported thefts of potted plants and hanging basket floral displays in the village.

The Village Hall Management Committee, in view of its concerns about the sustainability of the current hall, is to investigate the feasibility of constructing a new custom-built hall within the village. Sites and practical features will be explored; all options will be considered/eliminated before further action, and full consultation with the village will, of course, be undertaken before any action.

Byways Open to all Traffic (BOATS): BOATS 25 & 26 - between Farringdon and Four Marks. These closures have been extended for 6 months, and permanent closure of BOAT 26 has been applied for.

Mike Findlay
Parish Clerk