Held on 6 September 2006


Council initially heard from residents concerned about an application to convert a bungalow, Bowyers, Crows Lane to a two-storey building, and thus losing a further bungalow to conversion. This would also, they said, adversely affect the street scene of Crows Lane from the north, east and west aspects. There was support for this from residents in Church Road, who had recently successfully convinced the Planning Committee to object to a similar proposal for a building in Church Road. Later, in Council, the matter was further discussed and the Parish Council agreed to support these objections, having agreed that the proposed development was an overt-development of a small plot, was out of character and would adversely affect the easterly aspect of the village.


Council also discussed the imminent development of the Shirnall Meadow children's play area and the recreation area (kick-around area). Cllr Taylor was asked to include in his remit costings for netting to separate the area from the A32 to ensure safety of users of the ground. Council was concerned to learn that HCC, with the agreement of Downlands, planned to remove hedging in front of the Chase View houses and parking area, and to replace these with low fencing to improve visibility for vehicles entering and leaving Shirnall Meadows. Proposals to include the entire upper part of the village in the conservation area would be made when the matters are reviewed by EHDC in 2007/8.


Council was concerned about the withdrawal of the regular bus service to the village; it was hoped that the replacement car sharing scheme would prove adequate.


The Planning Sub-committee reported on objections raised to the proposed building of 6 houses on the Farringdon Industrial Estate and to the building of two houses on the site of Wilverlyn, Brightstone Lane.


Council learnt that the Farringdon Fun Day was a great success; while it was too early to give a final figure, it was hoped that funds in the region of £5,000.00 might be realistic. The Massey's Folly Preservation Trust were in the process of negotiating for the purchase of the remainder of the Folly. There appeared to be some discrepancies relating to the 1960 Discretionary Trust [which showed the Custodian Trustees to be the registered owners of the Village Hall] and the new Constitution of the Village Hall Management Committee. The Chairman awaited a definitive answer from the Charity Commission and would progress this with the Chair of the VHMC to a satisfactory conclusion.


It was also agreed that, funds permitting, the children's playground at Parsonage Close should be up-graded and fenced to prevent access by dogs.

Mike Findlay, Parish Clerk