4th May 2005


There was lengthy preliminary business regarding the future of the other ("Trust's") half of Massey's Folly, who are currently applying for conversion to residential flats.
Some residents proposed that the Trust's half be purchased on behalf of the village and refurbished for letting as individual rooms as artists' studios and for other small groups; this pressing need could not be accommodated in the Village Hall as long as the nursery school occupied the Hall all day, every weekday.
Considerable discussion followed, involving reports of a feasibility study, grant allocations conditional on parking facilities and existing 'flying freeholds'.
It was pointed out that the future of the Village Hall had already been the subject of numerous meetings, and, with the new Maplecombe/Chase Field development, there was now a viable site for a new custom-built village hall.
It was clarified that the Village Hall Management Committee was in no position to acquire the "Trust's" half of the Folly and that the Parish Council legally could not do so. Should the "Trust's" half be purchased for other use, by a third party, this could be subsequently entrusted to the Parish Council for its future management.
Serious concerns were expressed that the costs of purchase, essential refurbishment and future running costs had not been taken fully into account; additionally there was doubts that the other half of the Folly would be willingly managed by the current Village Hall Management Committee.
Fund-raising for the project at this late stage is obviously paramount and possible objections by future residents in the Folly, though already addressed, were noted.


1) The Parish Council - in AGM - were re-elected without change. Cllr Edwards would join the Planning Subcommittee.

2) Demolition of Chase Field houses was on target; small changes in the development had been seen by the Chairman and Cllr Edwards.
3) Concerns were raised about safety on the demolition/construction site.

4) Charles Church will honour the agreement regarding the restitution of the new children's playground and recreation area.

5) The GOSE Inspector's report proposing no housing development on the Mill Site might preclude Charles Church proposal to build 41 dwellings (including 6 flats) there.

6) Planning applications were reported.

7) FIG (Farringdon Improvement Group) reported positive progress in their top priorities.

Mike Findlay, Parish Clerk