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Section A : Novice Classes :
Open to all First Time Exhibitors at The FHS Summer Show

Shield For Highest Number of Points:

Tess Arkle

Section B : Fruit and Vegetable Classes

1st & Challenge Cup for Competitor gaining the highest number of Point in this Section
David Horton, who also won the Show Challenge Cup and Farringdon Residents Challenge Cup for the highest number of Points in Sections B & C (Floral Classes)

2nd Overall in Section B: Tim Charrington

3rd Overall in Section B: Robin Baumber
The more observant among you may have noticed
that Jenny Baumber collected this prize
in the absence of her husband

Best Exhibit in Section B (Dwarf Beans)
Brian Williams

Section C - Floral Classes
1st and Challenge Cup for the
Highest Number of Points in this Class

Cally Horton

2nd Phyll Watts
No picture here but Phyll, Chair of the
Farringdon Horticultural Society features in most
of the images on this page

3rd - Caroline Roe
Who was also awarded the Diploma in Horticulture for the Best Exhibit Overall
and a
Certificate for the Best Exhibit in this section
(Vase of Perennial Flowers)
Floral Art - 1st: Phyl Watts who also presented to herself the
Challenge cup for the highest points for Floral Art
2nd: Anne Charrington Apologies, the inept 'Biz' photographer failed to capture this presentation.
3rd: Caroline Roe  
Homecraft Section - 1st: Chrys Browne
who was also awarded the
Challenge Cup for the Highest points
and a Certificate for the best Exhibit
in this Section
2nd: Caroline Roe 3rd: David Horton

Handicraft Section - 1st:
Christine Bohringer, also awarded Shield for the most points and a Certificate for
the best Exhibit in this section

2nd: John Bohringer

3rd: Pam Steele-Perkins

Childrens Section -
1st in classes 58b and 59 and Cup for the most point in the Childrens Section:

Isobelle Miles

Awards were also presented to the two younger competitiors in this section

Hanging Basket Competition - Mrs Jarvis
collected by her Daughter

(yet another attempt by your reporter to disguise his ineptitude in failing to record the name of the recipient.
My most humble apologies to all concerned.


49'er Winner: Martin Williams  

There are some immigrants who creep across the village border and win prizes for doing absolutely nothing except buying a raffle ticket -nobody cares what his name is!






Finally it was time to pack up the exhibits and head for home, until the next Farringdon Horticultural Society Summer Show.

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