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Watch Award for Douglas - Updated February 19th 2015




Representatives from the Neighbourhood Watch and Farringdon Parish Council assembled in the Pheasant on Wednesday to witness the presentation of an award to Douglas Shewan for his services to the Farringdon Neighbourhood Watch.


After a few words from Farringdon Watch Coordinator, Bob Chase and a commendation from Larry Johnson (East Tisted NHW) Douglas was called forward and the official presentation was made by Chief Inspector Beth Pirie, District Commander for the East Hampshire Area.


Douglas took over as Farringdon Watch Coordinator from Iain Ross and set up the farringdon.net@bt.internet.com mail box and database to improve communications between watch members, who had previously relied on a ring round system to keep in contact.

The mailbox and database is also used distribute messages and other information to Farringdon residents who signed up to the service.

Douglas continues to administer the database and farringdon.net mailbox although when he celebrated his 80th birthday Douglas retired as Watch Coordinator handing over to the current C-In-C, Bob Chase.




One of the joys of retirement is that you can take time to celebrate your achievements, ably demonstrated here by Douglas with the assistance of Parish Clerk Emma Dillnut.


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