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new councillor joins farringdon parish Council - Updated August 23rd 2016
The Farringdon Parish Council Annual General Meeting, held in the Church last Wednesday, (May 4th) set an extremely dismal new record, with more Parish Councillors attending than members of the public.

Just before the meeting started Tim appeared at the church door, followed by his wife Anne, (who is just out of shot - yet another photographic disaster from the 'Biz' photographer) looking somewhat surprised by the almost empty Church. Their presence increased the audience attendance by 40%.

With the meeting underway, Parish Council Chairman Clive Elderton opened proceedings.

As usual at the AGM the meeting was largely taken up with allocation of duties on various committees, this process was slightly complicated by the fact that two of the six serving councillors were unable to attend but Clive Elderton was re-elected as Chairman and Gary Oakley takes over the Vice Chairman's role.

The appointment of other Committees, Planning, Village Hall etc was put on hold until all members were present but in case you were thinking of slipping in a crafty planning application before the Planning Committee members are appointed the Parish Council will be acting as the Planning Committee until the such time as the three person Committee is appointed.


Is there room for a couple more . . . .?

The Village Hall Working Group remains as before with Peter Durrant, Gary Oakley & Nick Newens continuing as core members of the Committee.

An extraordinary meeting of the Council will be held on Tuesday 31st May to approve the audited accounts and, at the same time, in the planning role, to consider latest planning applications.

The audience of Five (including your reporter) was reduced by 20% when Tony Batley was co-opted onto the Parish Council to fill one of the three vacancies, This leaves two vacancies to be filled so if you want to offer your services please contact Allison Speyer or Clive Elderton

After some discussion The Parish Council also approved the purchase of a movable speed activated 30 limit sign which can be placed at various sites (subject to approval by the appropriate authority) around the village in an attempt to discourage speeding drivers.

With business complete the Councillors were persuaded remain seated while the 'Biz' photographer recorded the event and then Councillors and audience members departed into the night.


From left to right - Nick Newens, (Village Hall Working Group) Gary Oakley, (Vice Chairman & Village Hall Working Group) Allison Speyer (Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer) Clive Elderton (Chairman) Tony Batley, David Williams (Footpaths Highways etc!)

Parish Councillors at the AGM

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