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General & Parish Election Candidates 2015 - Updated April 11th 2015

The following candidates, listed in alphabetical order, have entered their nomination papers for the General and Parish Council elections to be held on Thursday May 7th 2015. Candidates listed in alphabetical order

General Election: Full details of General Election Candidates available on East Hants Website

Baillie, Peter

United Kingdom Independence Party

Bisset, Peter Grant

Green Party

Hinds, Damian


Robinson, Richard Anthony

Liberal Democrat

Wilks, Alex

No Election for East Hants District Council (Downland) as
Tony Costigan (Conservative) was the sole candidate

Farringdon Parish Council Candidates:
You may vote for up to nine councillors on the Parish Election Ballot Paper

Full details of Parish Council Candidates and sponsors available on page four of the document available on the East Hants Website

Only nine seats are available so one candidate from the list will not be elected.

Anderton, Susan Marie


Chase, Bob


Cubitt, Terry


Durrant, Peter Michael


Elderton, Clive Richard


Ison, Roger Martin Vaughan


Jarvis, Richard Edward


Newens,Nicholas John


Shewan, Douglas Duncan


Williams, David John



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