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Digester gets the go ahead - Updated October 25th 2013

Council planners have given the go ahead for an Anaerobic Digester to be built at Hartley Park Farm.on the Selborne Road


  Two 24m digesters with a power house, waste handling shed and silage clamp with a lagoon to handle liquid effluent will be built on the site to generate electricity from food waste and farm grown biomass. full details can be found in the Planning Application on the Hampshire Council web site.

Access to the site will be from the Selborne Road via a purpose built access road, the increase in traffic being the main objection to the plant from neighbouring Parish Councils but considered "acceptable" by the Hampshire Planners

  The construction and and service vehicles accessing the site will have little impact on Farringdon directly but exiting from Gaston Lane and to a lesser extent Hall Lane, onto the Selborne Road is unlikely to be made easier.

The site, in a shallow valley on the west side of Hartley Park Farm, will be screened by existing trees and further planting.



 Food waste and farm grown biomas will be processed and fed into the two sealed digesters which producing bio gas, which, when filtered and cleaned, can fuel an engine driven generator to produce electricity which will be fed into the National Grid.

The waste product after digestion is separated into liquid and solid components, the liquid draining into a lagoon where it can be piped to various points on the farm and applied as a liquid fertiliser. The solids will be dried and used as compost.


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