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is east Hampshire being pushed into solent city? - Updated 27th July 2016

Public Consultation inputs on the options described below have now closed.

Various changes have been proposed in the way Hampshire County and District Councils will operate in the future and two consultation documents have been released to seek your opinion on the various options for the reorganisation of local government in Hampshire

There are two consultations under way at the moment one from Hampshire County Council which concerns the county of Hampshire: the area covered by The County Council and the 11 district councils in Hampshire which includes East Hampshire

In a parallel consultation the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton or the Isle of Wight offer up a "Solent Deal" for Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight to form a Unitary Authority with an elected Mayor.

Although the "Solent City" option would not affect East Hants directly it would have a bearing on how those districts of the County not included in this proposal would be organised in the future.

The Hampshire County Council Consultation offers three basic options albeit with one or two permutations and tweaks offered to the three basic options listed below:

  • Make no Changes and continue as before
  • Create a single Hampshire and  Isle of Wight Combined Authority
  • Create two separate combined  authorities called Heart of Hampshire  and Solent

In the third option listed above, East Hampshire, for some inexplicable reason, is lumped in with the Solent area .
There is no logical reason for this inclusion in a predominantly Urban Area with which there is no obvious geographical or social connection although some of our District Council Members are in favour and are bleating about
East Hampshire being part of the "Transport Corridor" to the M25.

The residents of the Isle of Wight, another predominantly rural area will also have some concerns about this proposal but if the Solent City option is taken up the Island may not be viable financially as an independent authority and it would be geographically isolated from the northern half of Hampshire.

The Hampshire County Council Consultation will close at 11.59pm on 20 September 2016.

The "Solent City consultation" closes at 5:00pm on 18 September 2016.

Responses received after the closing times shown above will not be included in the resulting submissions

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