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Farringdon Festivities Begin with the Christmas Fair - Updated 10th December 2016

Hot Chestnuts??Taking the tree home

The weather might have been a bit dismal but it didn't discourage visitors to the Farringdon Christmas Fair and Coffee Morning held in All Saints Church on Saturday morning.

With Brian maintaining a continuous supply of hot Chestnuts outside the Church Door and a line of Christmas trees awaiting collection, parking spaces were at a premium around the churchyard.

Bradley, Emma and the two dogs were setting off home with their tree as your photographer arrived to join in the festivities.

Inside the Church there was Coffee, Mince Pies and Mulled wine on offer, not to mention a variety of stalls and a selection of prizes to be won, including the legendary Christmas Hamper.



Andrew, Vicky and Gill were standing by with Coffee and Mulled Wine not to mention a wide assortment of mince pies to help patrons get into a festive mood before doing the rounds of the other stalls set up around the Church. ( Thanks to Kathy Ross for the picture below and one or two others on this page, which have been included to cover the usual failures and incompetence of the 'Biz' photographer)

The Coffee & Wine Crew

With an assortment of preserves and other edible goodies available Kathy's Produce stall was also coping with a steady stream of customers.


Artwork by Fiona Pearce




At the other end of the Aisle there was a choice of various arts and Crafts with Paintings, Prints and other artwork from Fiona Pearce on the South side and an assortment of Craft items on the other.

Incidentally, Tim (at the far end on the right) was not for sale but was showing, that the temporary handicap of only having one ankle in operation was no bar to keeping up with village activities




There was also the chance to win a tin of sweets and other prizes from Sue stationed in between the choir stalls (abject apologies to Sue for the lack of picture due the unfailing ineptitude of you photographer . . . again!) and of course, the draw for Legendary Farringdon Christmas Hamper and other prizes under the management of David. who passed on the following message to your reporter: . . .

" . . .The Annual Christmas Hamper draw was made today and a wonderful sum of £377 was raised for Farringdon All Saints Church.
May I please thank all of the residents who so generously donated so many items to make this draw so successful.
Without your support it would not have raised so much money. . . ."


The Christmas Hamper The following winners were drawn on the Day: Hamper 2
Large Hamper: Mo Biggs
Small Hamper: Helen Constable
A bottle and a box of sweetmeats: Paul Anderson,
Hattie Williamson,
John Cavendish,
Simon Shaw,
Tony Causton
As you can see below the event was very well supported, thanks to all those volunteers who contributed to the success of the Christmas Fair and Coffee morning this year and don't forget,
the first Coffee morning of the New Year will be held in the Church on Saturday 7th January from 10:00 to 11:30

Christmas Fair

Thanks to Kathy Ross for providing some of the images on this page.

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